Grower Services

Grow your business with QC-Fresh

QC-Fresh takes the hard work out of expanding your business to the World, letting you focus on doing what you do best – growing great Australian produce.

Grow your own brand in international markets by partnering with the QC-Fresh family. We provide new trade relationships and offer feedback on packing standards and market trends to assist you in achieving your brand goals.

QC-Fresh have an experienced team of international produce marketers here to assist you with meeting your goals and connecting you with the customers best suited for your product.

Our strategic planning relationships with retailers around the world means we work with you to find a home for your crop before you harvest it.

The Rubiru Brand

Market your produce under our Rubiru brand

For produce that meets our "Quality Preferred" status, we offer access to packing in the exclusive "Rubiru" brand for international markets.

The Rubiru brand has been developed by QC-Fresh for the export of premium Australian fruit and vegetables. As this brand is used across a range of high quality products throughout the year, it’s presence signifies quality to the end consumer. Our on-going success in marketing this brand, ensures it has consumer recognition in the international markets we serve.

R2E2 tray of mangoes